Here’s a controversial topic: Responsibility. At the deepest roots of a human mind there should be warning lights going off screaming, What is this man talking about, responsibility is something we learned about when we were three? But if you truly allow a few moments to pass while reflecting on the topic of responsibility, you may soon realize that the reason I claim controversy is because there is almost always transfer of blame. Transfer of blame, in layman’s terms, translates to IT’S NOT MY FAULTIt’s not my fault. Well, actually it may be is.

This is a foreign thought in our society where you seldom hear an individual say anything along the lines of, You’re right- I really messed up. I exploited the situation. I made a mistake. I need to work on that. I accept the full responsibility of my actions. In all honesty if you could not read the previous 28 words I wouldn’t blame you (except I would) because these phrases are altogether abnormal in our world today.

Now comes the part where I really begin to struggle. When confronted with an issue people LOVE the phrase IT’S NOT MY FAULT. Why were you late? There was a ton of traffic, my child was running late, the lights took too long… Johnson!  You need a cover on the TPS Report- whats with the screw up? I wasn’t trained well, You didn’t give me enough time, the repair man never fixed the printer, ect… Disgusting.

Big picture. One of our worlds most fundamental issues is a person’s unwillingness to accept responsibility for their current situation and the actions they take. Governments, magistrates, communities, families and individuals all turn a blind eye to many injustices that go way beyond a commute or a work report. Drug Trafficking, Human Trafficking- Sexual and Labor; just to name a couple.

Now I do not want to be one who raises problems without presenting a solution because there are way too many professionals in that field already and I know that saying “Something must be done” never does anything, the solution lies in the comment, “I must do something”. So what can I do to transform the responsibility culture of the world. Immerse myself in the worlds fastest growing industry- Human Trafficking.

Human Trafficking is the epitome of this ITS NOT MY FAULT epidemic. Parents sell their children to buy appliances, people give false job offers to kidnap women, illusions of stable romantic relationships trap individuals in a world of violence, rape and eventually death. The main culprit: Those who know but continue to take no action, all of us. There’s a reason this is the fastest growing criminal market- people have only pretended to care  or, dared not to learn. But beware, Ignorance is no excuse for inaction. Men, we need to step up and  help leadset the example. Accept responsibility for your life and grow a pair already. What are you going to do, wait for your girlfriend to do it?

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