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As men, when we see a problem, we want the physical tools to fix it. This problem, however – the demand for sex trafficking, isn’t a physical problem. Instead it deals with the heart and mind. Thus, the tools needed to transform the heart and mind are educational initiatives.

Nelson Mandela said – Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. As such, below are some heart-and-mind-tools you can use to begin to decrease the demand of sex-trafficking.

Influence the Influencers

  1. Click here to download this letter you can send to influence the influencers (people from Barack Obama to your congressmen to business leaders to your favorite celebrity)

* Start a letter writing campaign on behalf of MATTOO


Share MATTOO’s message

  1. Teach and lead a MATTOO Education Program in your community
  2. Spread MATTOO’s Education Program into school systems
  3. Expand MATTOO’s Education Program into “John” schools (programs for men who get caught soliciting from prostituted individuals)
  4. Invite a MATTOO Ambassador to speak at schools, churches, men’s groups or  community groups near you
  5. “Like” us on Facebook
  6. Follow” us on Twitter
  7. Click here to buy a “Heart of a Man” EP written by a MATTOO (Chris Telfer) who is using his musical talents to furtherMATTOO’s mission. 70% of each download/CD sold will go directly to MATTOO!



Share your testimony how MATTOO’s message has positively your life:

  1. Send your written or short video testimony to:


Take a stand – alter your and other’s behavior

  1. Refuse to go to strip clubs and share with your friends why you are not going with them
  2. Engage friends about the myths and realities of trafficking outlined in MATTOO’s Education Program
  3. Become a MATTOO Ambassador


Encourage governments to decrease the demand of human sex trafficking

  1. Send the letter mentioned above to those in government (people from Barack Obama to your congressmen to your local states-person)
  2. Support anti-trafficking legislation in your city, county, state and country

* Start a petition in your community to influence local government

  1. Open a MATTOO John School in your city, county or country

* For more information on how to do this email:


Help raise needed funds to continue spreading this message

  1. Hold a MATTOO Awareness FUNdraiser tournament or event.

* Texas Hold’em to Fight Human Trafficking

* Beer/Wine Tasting to Fight Human Trafficking

* Fishing Tournament to Fight Human Trafficking

* Sports Tournament to Fight Human Trafficking

* Silent auction

* Other – Have another creative idea?


Leverage your unique skills

  1. Is there some idea or skill you believe could help? We want to hear from you! Please let us know by emailing:

Also, if you have questions or have other ideas, please email: