(Are YOU a Man Against the Trafficking of Others?)

A Mattoo is a leader.

A Mattoo is honorable.

A Mattoo is respectable and respectful.


A Mattoo is full of integrity.

A Mattoo walks the talk.  His life supports his words.

A Mattoo is a teachable teacher.


A Mattoo does not wallow in failure, but embraces the future.

A Mattoo lives in authentic community.  His holds himself accountable to those around him.

A Mattoo is willing to be different.  He is dangerous to the status quo.

A Mattoo is eager to sacrifice his life and Stand Up for a cause that is much greater than himself.

A Mattoo is courageous to SPEAK OUT against injustice.

A Mattoo values the life of each individual – man, women and child – for who they are created to be.  He embraces innate human dignity.

A Mattoo is [the spark] to a movement that IS sweeping the world.

A MATTOO is a Man Against the Trafficking of Others.

Are you a MATTOO?