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“The Genesis of a Global Movement”

MATTOO’s video highlighting last year’s groundbreaking, international events.



THE M.I.S.T. 2011 was an unprecedented, first ever, event occurring throughout the US and Europe last summer with the express purpose of educating and engaging men – and, as a by-product, the general public – about the myths and realities of human trafficking.  (Click on the link below to view the video footage of M.I.S.T 2011)

Bucharest | Prague | Las Vegas | Costa Del Sol | Washington | New York City







For centuries, men have been told the way to help is to just not exploit sex-trafficked victims. And now, unfortunately, as a result, human trafficking has become the second largest – fastest growing – criminal market in the world.

In most cases, men should not manage housing for rescued victims, nor should they provide after-care services, however, men must be invited in to help.  Human Trafficking is a issue that haunts all of humanity, thus, we need to encourage everyone – male and female – to take a stand on this issue and be silent no longer.

In fact, the only way to decrease the rate and magnitude of human trafficking is to include men.  A myth surrounding this issue today is “Women have a choice to enter prostitution while Men can’t help themselves.  Men need sex.”   While, the reality is “Most women today do not have a choice in regards to prostitution, but men always have a choice if they are going to use a prostitute.”     While this can be counter-cultural, it’s central to Mattoo’s message.    Today, when we speak to audiences, men always ask us how they can help, because they know it’s not enough to just sit and do nothing.

MATTOO Global Banners provide that way.
A simple and yet powerful way for men, regardless of age, vocation, or geography to get involved not only locally but in places and ways around the world one would not be able to otherwise.
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What hope looks like for victims of human trafficking…
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With the support of people like you, MATTOO and its powerful message of change is and will continue to spread around the world.




The first ever, first annual Demand Change Project is a groundbreaking event that is taking place in the USA and Europe for the purpose of educating and engaging men and the general public about the issue of sex-trafficking to decrease the demand for commercial sex and unite the male and female anti-human trafficking movements as a united front against the selling of human beings.