MATTOO’s North American Headquarters | Minneapolis, Minnesota

MATTOO’s European Headquarters | Mijas, Spain

In September of 2011, an additional office will open in Cambridge, United Kingdom.

Why Minnesota? The FBI has reported Minnesota in the top 10 worse states in regards to human trafficking. Additionally, the founder of MATTOO’s home state is Minnesota.

Why Spain? Per capita, Spain has the most prostituted individuals than any country in Europe. It is also believed that 80 – 90% of those prostituted are foreign women (Eastern European, Nigerian and Central/South American) and of those being prostituted the majority are trafficked.  Also, within Europe, Spain has the highest numbers of men who have paid for sex, at 39%.

Why UK? MATTOO will be linking to the University of Cambridge and the 2012 Olympics in London. Additionally, as the UK is the wealthiest country in Europe, MATTOO desires to explore how this factor fosters the human trafficking market.

* MATTOO is also planning to open a Romania Office when the time is appropriate. Why Romania? Romania is one of the worst “transit” and “source” countries for human trafficking in Europe.

Pioneering Research

Pioneering research – in conjunction with MATTOO’s Public Policy Coordinator and the University of Minnesota’s Hubert H. Humphrey School of Public Affairs  – examines the negative supply and demand relationship between Romania – as the worst transit and source country, Spain – as the worst prostituted country, and the UK – as the wealthiest country – in Europe in regards to human trafficking.

You can download this pioneering 44 page report by clicking here.


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