As traffickers insured and governments taxed slaves as commodities over 200 years ago, data on this type of slavery is abundant. Today, however, discovering concrete modern-day slavery statistics is not easy. Most anti-trafficking organizations, however, are citing the work of Kevin Bales in his book Disposable People in that 27 million individuals are trafficked annually.

Effective human trafficking research needs to take place for larger numbers of policy makers and the public to understand the atrocities of slavery today.

Nevertheless, even with Disposable People’s conservative estimate, it states, “There are more slaves alive today than all the people stolen from Africa in the time of the transatlantic slave trade.”


    New research from MATTOO – in conjunction with the University of Minnesota’s Hubert H. Humphrey School of Public Affairs – examines the negative supply and demand relationship between Romania – as the worst transit country, Spain – as the worst prostituted country, and the UK – as the wealthiest country – in Europe in regards to human trafficking.

Click here to read the 44-page research document


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