Haiti, 1791- The slaves of Saint Domingue rose up against the plantation owners and plunged the country into Civil war. In 1792 the slaves were granted legislative freedoms, the first for blacks under white government.

Russia, 1917- The uprising, dominated by the Bolshevicks, gave power to the local soviets. The act led to the Russian Civil War and the eventual creation of the Soviet Union in 1922.

America, 1776- America severed ties with the British Empire when congress issued the Declaration of Independence. The conflict was decided in 1781 with America on top. The Constitution was ratified in 1788.

France, 1789- The people rose up agains the absolute monarchy that had ruled France for centuries. The monarchy collapsed in three short years. European society underwent an epic transformation.

What is a revolution, an uprising? Webster kindly defines revolution as a sudden, radical, or complete change. Now that the definition is nailed down, what are the factors and variables that go into a revolution? I believe that the key pieces include two or more parties, a great disgust held by one or more of the parties, people who have the courage to lead and stand for what they believe in and at last a hope that the dreams being born from this disgust and belief can and will be accomplished if pursued relentlessly.

In the world today there are many parties. Many forms of disgust, a smaller number of leaders and even less hope. The established way has taken hold and those brave enough to do anything about it have not the belief of victory. The four revolutions listed above produced radical changes on a macro level not because they just happened but because people, men and women, believed in change and believed in victory. Today is our day. Our time has come to pour fuel on the flame and create hope to foster change.

The slaves we talk about today, those trapped in horrid situations forced to perform acts that are completely degrading, dehumanizing and altogether disgusting in the form of sexual acts or hard labor, have an enemy. They have an incredible amount of disgust that builds every day. They lack people willing to take action but most importantly they lack hope. What is an overarching purpose of MATTOO? To create hope. Together we can begin the revolution and give true life back to those who are currently enslaved.

By investing yourself with MATTOO, by taking action in a vehicle that creates hope and changes the global stigma; you will personally have a hand in creating hope for those who are without hope around the globe. Everyday people set up and begin their resistance against the establishment. The action we are suggesting will upend the establishment and begin to set the world on a better course. Join the Flagship that is MATTOO. Create Hope. Change Hearts. Save Lives.